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              Siliaris originated in 1999, in the development of a new multistage seawater distiller for the the production of pure water. After three years of labor, a new distillation model was created.

              A lot of work and research is necessary, for a product to have features that actually improve the state of the art. No less laborios and costly, obtaining patents is the next step, and of the utmost importance, which gives undeniable value to the technology developed, and serve as a motivating impetus for the continuity of the project, in the construction of prototypes and pilots, which will confirm and even improve the performance of the models.


Two-stage seawater distiller prototype. January 2005.

                     After several tests carried out at Mauá Shipyard, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, distilling water from Guanabara Bay, the two-stage prototype produced fresh water with salinity under 2 ppm, that confirmed the technology, which allowed the decision to build larger and standard models.

                      In 2008 and 2009, Siliaris obtained the invention patents recognized in the United States, the European Community and Brazil.

                         With each improvement achieved in the development of the machines, a new challenge arises, one step further, in a continuous process, granting the competitiveness of SILIARIS machines, in the face of market demands.

patente americana.png
cópia de Carta Patente Brasileira.jpg
Patente Europeia.png

                       Since 2012, Siliaris has been operating on oil platforms, supplying fresh water continuously through the distillation process.


Petrobras / Repsol P-50 FPSO in Campos Basin, Brazil, operates SILIARIS fresh water makers

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