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With more than 14 years of experience

Siliaris Equipamentos EPP, is a Brazilian company founded in 2006, that has developed  its own technology in seawater desalination for the production of fresh water for marine and O&G markets, and remote locations.

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Siliaris quality policy

Siliaris, a  Brazilian company, has as a quality policy the design, development, manufacture, installation, sale and lease of desalinators for marine and brackish waters, through the processes of distillation and reverse osmosis, with the following objectives and commitments for the quality:
• Becoming a sustainable company
• Develop machines with high efficiency, good productivity, durability and low operating cost
• Meet the requirements applicable to the organization
• Develop people's competence
• Continuously improve your processes


 our history

        Siliaris started works in 1999, six years before foundation, in the development of more efficient distiller technologies, with the objective of improving productivity and energy consumption in the production of pure water. In this way, a new distiller model was born, pattented in the United States, the European Community, and Brazil.

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The most used methods in the world to desalinate sea water for the production of fresh water are distillation (thermal) and reverse osmosis.

In the distillation method, also called evaporative, heat is used to boil sea water at low temperatures, under vacuum conditions.

In the osmosis method, sea water at high pressure is forced to pass through a set of membranes, where only the water molecules pass through their pores, retaining the salts.


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